Proudly presented by Kirkos Ensemble, Ensemble Music, and Gruel Guerrilla

BLACKOUT began with a simple idea: dark music, played in darkness.

But as we thought harder, we wondered, “why are we playing in the dark?”

We began with Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time, written in a concentration camp, a devout celebration of the composer’s beloved God, summoning the entire spectrum of human suffering as it reaches for the heavens. This music cries out for the embrace of darkness.

Parallel themes are expressed very differently in another masterpiece of the twentieth century, Steve Reich’s “Different Trains”. Growing up a Jew in America, one simple, harrowing thought played on repeat in Reich’s mind – how very different his train journeys would have been had he been born a European.

By recontextualising these great, important works of art, we can bring new meaning to them.

Just as every note in these masterpieces was included for a reason, we believe that in a great concert, every detail must be justified. We challenged ourselves to integrate every tiny detail of our concerts with the concepts behind them.

We have also inveigled some of Ireland’s most brilliant composers to write solo pieces responding (or “anti-responding”) to the central works.

Feeding off Messiaen: Kevin Volans, Roger Doyle, Ed Bennett, Robert Coleman.
Devouring Reich: Raymond Deane, Gráinne Mulvey, Seán Clancy, Tom Lane.

The final concert centres on a new work by Kirkos founder Sebastian Adams, inspired by Harry Patch (the last surviving British veteran of WWI). Patch’s famous line “war is not worth one life” sums it up. This work ties the entire series together with allusions to the works around it.

The result: Blackout is so much more than a concert series. It’s an immersive, multi-sensory, experiential evening, a tangled web of linked ideas aimed at heightening and complementing some of the greatest music ever written.

Meanwhile, Kevin Powell [Gruel Guerrilla] and Vania Ling will be serving up a delicious plate of culinary delights to compliment and heighten these great pieces.

We look forward to not being able to see you there.


Tickets ::

Please note that each concert will be performed twice, but tickets are extremely limited for each and are only available with advanced booking, in order to prepare food for the right numbers. There will be no tickets sold on the door.

Early Bird Tickets [including food] for each concert are €20 plus booking fee. They go on sale at 10am on Monday 27.04.2015 and are available to the first 10 buyers of each night.

Remaining tickets [including food] are then €25 plus booking fee and are available until 5pm on the Thursday before each concert.

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  • Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen
  • Accompanying food prepared by Gruel Guerrilla
  • Tickets from €20



  • Different Trains by Steve Reich
  • Accompanying food prepared by Gruel Guerrilla
  • Tickets from €20



  • Harry Patch by Sebastian Adams
  • Accompanying food prepared by Gruel Guerrilla
  • Tickets from €20