Introducing… Ensemble Records + Our Kickstarter Campaign

Introducing… Ensemble Records + Our Kickstarter Campaign
September 10, 2015 Ensemble

Ensemble launched in September 2014, and has thus far been a music management and concert production company, working with artists such as Loah, Ensemble Ériu, the Kirkos Ensemble, and more. But from day one our plan was always to release music as a label, and now that time has come.

We feel that Ireland needs a new independent label with a fresh perspective. One Simon that will support exceptional artists who have a lot of potential but aren’t necessarily seen as commercially viable.

We didn’t want to rush into it, waiting for our artists to develop and for us to build enough of a following and experience in the industry to justify

We’ve also hired a new team member to run the label – Brian Dillon, an extremely talented all-rounder who you might know from Meltybrains?, the Dublin Laptop Orchestra, and as a very capable producer and engineer in his own right.

The plan is to put out 2-3 records per year of our artists’ early EP’s and albums, each backed by a music video, international PR campaign, End and Irish and UK tour.

However, releasing music is an expensive business. So we’re looking to raise the funds to put out our first two releases – minimalist/electronic pianist Conor Walsh and Irish/Sierra Leonean songstress Loah‘s debut EPs.

The costs for each release roughly break down into the following: Mastering: €250 Vinyl pressing: €1.5k Artwork: €500 Music video / photography: €750 PR: €750 Online Advertising: €250 Total: €4k per release

Of course, any extra we raise will help the records reach an even wider audience and go towards our future releases. But all going well, we want to only have to ask for help with these first two releases, after which the label will hopefully become self sustainable.

We’re realistic enough to know that as a small label from a small country we won’t be able to single handedly turn our artists into world beaters, so the goal is to use these releases as a platform for artists to get noticed by international labels, and in time to become a feeder label of sorts.

Donating to the campaign will not only support a (hopefully) worthwhile project, but also to preorder our first release (Conor Walsh’s Debut EP) which will be out before the end of the year. Pre-assessing demand is an important part of how these crowdfunding campaigns work, and we don’t want to lose sight of that.

Most people we tell that we’re starting a label in this day and age think we must mad, and to be honest we probably are a bit. But some things are worth doing for art’s sake, regardless of the cost. We hope you’ll agree that this is one of them and support our campaign.

Nice one,

Brian (Label Manager) & Rob (Director)

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