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Ensemble Ériu

Ensemble Ériu, a septet led by Jack Talty and Neil O’Loghlen draw on a wealth of creative sources to perform arrangements of Irish traditional music rooted in the styles of West and North County Clare. The group brings together a chamber ensemble of some of Ireland’s most exciting young musicians from a range of performance backgrounds. The result is a unique combination of the fresh and familiar, a soundscape that is creatively progressive, yet rooted in tradition.

The talented septet consists of Neil O’ Loughlen (double bass, flute and tin whistle), Jack Talty (concertina and electrionics), Matthew Berrill (Clarinet), Maeve O’ Hara (marimba), Jeremy Spencer (fiddle), Paddy Groeland (guitar), and Matthew Jacobson (guitar). The band recently completed their first International ‘Stargazer’ tour, bringing their Stargazer suite of music based on the paintings of Jack B. Yeats to Galway, Carrick-on-Shannon, Wexford, Cork and ending in Dublin.