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Téada Orchestra

Téada Orchestra (téada being the Irish word for ‘string’) is a new group of 20 violin, viola, cello and double bass players who came together through their love of string music, and now form Dublin’s newest orchestral collective. Coming from such diverse musical backgrounds as classical, trad and jazz, at Téada we aim to explore and stretch the sonic possibilities of our instruments by collaborative playing and experimentation, as well as simply playing the jewels of string repertoire, which are rarely if ever performed in Ireland.

The kind of music we play can be broadly described as “classical”, but we try to stay away from the traditionally formal and elitist trappings of classical music concerts – instead creating a more relaxed setting with a modern presentation without reducing the music itself.

Téada Orchestra was co-founded by Matthew Rafter, Anna Clifford and Timothy Doyle and is directed by Anna Clifford.

Photo credit: ©Tara Thomas Photography

 SATURDAY 27.09.14 
  • With 10+ Bands
  • €10 From 3pm